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Once May rolls around, we are in FULL SWING on the farm!

Our homegrown geraniums, hanging baskets, and patio planters are positively perfect for instant Summer-color! Our expert growing team puts heart and soul into each and every plant and the results are quality that is unparalleled. 

Summer Excitement 

In July, blueberries are the first of our fruit to ripen!

Followed shortly by peaches, nectarines, and sugar plums, there's no shortage of delicious, juicy homegrown fruits!

Grab some from our store or take a walk out and pick your own! Call for availability and hours.

Fresh from the orchard

Color in Every Corner

Tables are full of blooming annuals and perennials ready to be planted, the greenhouse is a blend of stunning tropical plants, and the yard is stuffed with a surplus of trees and shrubs of all kinds. 


Need a hand? Not to worry: Our expert staff is here to help you piece together the design of your dreams! 

Looking for something specific? Give us a call!

Local Produce

Just in time for BBQ season, we bring in fresh produce from neighboring farms. Fan favorites are tomatoes from Gotta's and sweet corn from Anderson's Farm

Pollinators Matter

Because we are an orchard, bees are near

and dear to our hearts. Without them, our

fruit production would suffer and flowers

would fail to thrive. 

Keep your eyes out for displays that highlight native varieties which provide valuable food for bees, butterflies, and birds! 

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